SES Li'L Larikkins Natural Hazards Childrens Program

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In partnership with the Australasian Fire and Emergnecy Service Agencies Council (AFAC), SES Agencies around Australia have received federal funding for a national children's awareness and education program focused on natural hazards such as flood, cyclone, storms and tsunami.  


Funding for the program was through the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department, 2010-2011 National Emergency Management Program.

The SES Li'L Larikkins program is designed to make primary aged children more aware and understanding of what they and their families can do to better prepare in the event of a natural hazard.  

Li'L Larikkins program was integrated into current awarness and education plans, particualry those programs directed at schools and local communities. A school resource kit was released to all state, independent and relifious primary schools in Australia.   

The program consists of 10x30 second commercials which ran on national television from November 2010 to February 2011.  These videos were developed by SES Agencies across Australia, Ettamogah Entertainment and AFAC in consultation with a children's psychologist, all with the goal of conveying the best way to educate children about dangers without alarming them.

The Li'L Safety Club sparks discussion between parents and children about being prepared for emergencies. It aims to encourage the entire family to be involved in problem-solving related to natural hazards. Each child will be able to contribute to the safety preparations in a beneficial way when empowered by these messages.


Media Release: 8 November 2010 - Objectives of the Program   




Li'L Larkkins Program Fact Sheet 



Media Release: 8 November 2010 - Australian Government backs national children's program on natural hazards education






















































































































































































































































































































































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